Naturally Ethereal Poem

Written By Aisha Sanyang-Meek

God kissed our mothers fingers each time they poured the oils through our locks and curls.

With their own hands, our mothers created crowns, the most natural crowns ever known.

Ethereal sculptures that shone out from our heads towards the sun.


From heat and pressure comes diamonds, though other pressures left our heads weary. Our souls bruised. Relax they said, Re-Lax-Er. Burning out our identities and a calling to be ourselves.


This calling has echoed through the centuries, ancient prayers whispered to us 'take back what is and always has been yours, naturally. The sun stroked our backs, as our hair grew long again and we re-learnt the patterns created by our ancestors. We combed, we twisted, we finished ends with beads and shells.

Beauty radiated through us.

We became eternally ethereal again.


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