About Us

NATURALLY ETHEREAL translating to naturally out of this world.

Naturally Ethereal is not only a hair care brand, it is a movement to empower women to feel naturally beautiful. I have made it my duty to create content to represent the unrepresented. We’re all beautiful we just have to start feeling like it!

That is how I view women. As powerful, gentle, caring, captivating, ambitious, mothers, sisters and daughters I could go on but simply, women are the seed of the earth. Naturally Ethereal wants to show women who has not had the privilege of growing up with a lot of representation that they are beautiful and worthy.


I big chopped at the end of 2019, after my big chop I really wanted to use affordable plant-based products that are not only great for my hair, but good for my overall health.

Yes, there are hundreds of hair care brands, but finding one that was ethical, plant based and affordable was difficult. Especially for kinky, coily and curly hair types, this led me to make my own.

I tested numerous methods including, the rice water method which led to severe protein overload. After trying to find the right hair care regimen for me and identifying ingredients that benefited my hair, I reached my first hair heartbreak. My hair was left extremely frizzy, no visible curl structure, my ends were raggedy and there was no end to the hair fall. I decided to make plant based, organic products to reverse the damage as much as I possibly could.  

The Birth of The Restorative Deep Conditioner

I researched, tested and studied products that would help save my hair by identifying ingredients that were crucial in restoring my damaged hair.

Once I had done my research, I began to write my first formulation and tested it on family and friends. We identified what worked and what didn't, in total I wrote and tested over 30 different formulations before I found one that was not only effective, but was also a joy to use. I began looking forward to wash day instead of dreading it.

Once my DIY deep conditioner significantly improved my hair, I began playing with different ingredients including protein. I adjusted my formula with new ingredients that not only enhanced the deep conditioner but transformed it completely. I then turned to a professional for advice to enhance my product further.

Fast forward to this day and I no longer have protein overload and I don’t have to big chop again!

My hair is now healthier and the longest it has ever been.

My Restorative Deep Conditioner played a big part in my hair recovery, alongside trimming my ends, and wearing protective styles. 

The Path That Led Me Here

When I was just 6 years old, I moved from Jamaica to the UK. Eager to fit in and adapt to my new life yet afraid of drawing too much attention to myself, I became quiet.

For a long time it didn't feel like home, I felt alienated. I was called names, mocked and belittled into thinking who I was, was not enough by my school 'peers'. Most of the time the attacks were paired with laughter and at the time I laughed too, throughout all of that I still held my head high. I was teased for having afro hair, that really touched a nerve leading me to cry to my mum begging her to relax my hair, after a few years of pleading, my hair was relaxed in 2005. This was my introduction to a new country, bitter and sweet.

Besides my family, I had no role models, no representation that made me feel beautiful. I soon grew numb to the absence of diversity, a numbness that began to change me, change my path.

Representation matters and this is why. 

I was force fed the westerner's idea of 'beauty', and what it entailed. I began to feel less than beautiful. To them I was, and years of this narrative chipping away at my every being, I eventually started to believe it. I wanted to be someone I was not, wearing wigs, weaves and relaxing my hair. I changed my image to suit the westerner’s idea of beauty.

The Natural Hair Movement started in the 80’s but lost its way again in the 90’s when celebrities and public figures were spotted with straight relaxed hair.

Many felt like how I did, but more are talking about it now as it’s a topic that needs to be discussed.

I followed the trend. I no longer had my natural 4C hair, instead I was left with a damaged relaxer, with no more than 60 hair strands from my scalp. There were barely any edges to grab, and a standard hairstyle 'The Pineapple' sat firmly on top. At the time my only good hair days were when I wore a weave (the furthest from my natural hair state). Long, straight weaves were now my go-to. I never questioned it, it's just what I wanted, now I realise it's what I needed. 

Inspired by the new Natural Hair Movement I big chopped at the end of March 2019, my first step on the road to recovery. Admittedly I regretted it at the time due to the unfamiliarity. 

The veil has been lifted, I can now see and feel the real me, the person I always knew I was and always supposed to be. I found my way back.

I don't remember when I started to believe in my beauty, but one day I caught myself in awe of my reflection. Taking care of my hair really allows me to connect with myself on a deeper level. It's like watering your plants and that's exactly what my hair is to me, my sunflower crown.

I grew to love my hair with all its kinks and curls and it showed! A glowing aura that surrounded me was here to stay. I am content with life, happy with my 'nappy' hair, my 'unconventional' broad nose, my full lips, my golden-brown skin. I loved what I saw and I'd be damned to ever go back to the insecure, unidentified little girl I once was.

I don't regret my past, because every decision I have ever made, every path I took has led me directly here.

Sat in this chair with a smile on my face, writing this letter to you.

If you want to know more about my journey and the lessons I have learnt then I am eager to share with you.

Fill out the form below and we can discuss all things natural!

Much love and blessings to you.

Callesia Brown
Owner & Director