Curated from earth’s genuine resources, Naturally Ethereal embraces the belief that healthy hair begins at the scalp. From the first bright strands to the last strands of silver, every color in between is celebrated as fabulously chic. Our naturally-based hair care formulations take the best plant-derived ingredients, combining them with 100% natural botanical ingredients to deliver products that are truly better for your hair. Through our comprehensive research, we have been able to refine our ethereal ingredients, resulting in a smooth fusion potent botanicals that deliver superior quality and shine, nourishing your hair from the inside out.


I big chopped at the end of 2019, after the big chop I yearned to use affordable plant-based products that are not only great for my hair but also good for my overall health.

Yes, there are hundreds of hair care brands but finding one that was ethical, plant-based, and affordable was difficult. Especially for kinky and curly hair types. this led to the birth of Naturally Ethereal.

I experimented with numerous methods involving the rice water method which led to severe protein overload. After seeking to find the right hair care regimen for me and identifying ingredients that benefited my hair, I reached my first heartbreak. My hair was left extremely frizzy with no visible curl structure. my ends were raggedy and there was no end to the hair fall.

The Birth of The Restorative Deep Conditioner

I was determined to make plant-based organic products to reverse the damage as much as I possibly could. I researched, tested and studied products that will help repay my hair by identifying ingredients that were essential in restoring my damaged hair. After my research, I wrote my first formulation and tested it on family and friends. We identified what worked and what didn't. In total, I tested over 30 formulations before I found one that was not only effective but was also a joy to use. I began looking forward to washing day, instead of dreading it

My homemade deep conditioner significantly improved my hair. I began working with different ingredients that included protein once my hair was at a healthy standard. I adjusted my formula with new ingredients that transformed our deep conditioner into what it is today.Fast forward to this day, I no longer have protein overload and I don't have to big chop again. My hair is healthier and the longest it has ever been, thanks to our restorative deep conditioner.

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