Breaking The Ties That Bind

I have been going through many changes recently. My Higher Self and I are writing this together. She is very encouraging about what I am going to do and I feel if I do not do this now, I will never be able to.

My dream has always been to travel the country without limitations. Without a time frame or itinerary. I have decided to live the nomadic lifestyle and I am very excited about this. I am in the process of selling all of my material possessions so that I will have money to do this.

I took it under very serious consideration whether or not to take Naturally Ethereal on the road. I have a blog  and a Facebook page which are very important to my travels. I am currently in the process of creating a YouTube channel. With all of this on my plate I think that trying to keep up with Naturally Ethereal on the road would be very difficult! I also want to travel as light as possible and taking this business on the road would make that impossible. Therefore, I will be closing down Naturally Ethereal.

Living naturally is my passion but I am not giving up on it. I will speaking about this topic and giving advice and tips on the YouTube channel and on the blog.

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