Spa Bath Right In Your Own Home

I am a shower person who really is uncomfortable sitting in a bath. Maybe it is age or having a chronic illness. Then again, maybe it is simply a personal preference. When I began to hear about bath bombs, I had no idea what they were so, of course, I had to do research. After discovering what bath bombs are and what they do, I had to do research on making an all natural, healthy bath bomb.

My son mentioned that my niece loves bath bombs, so I asked her several questions on the topic and what her preferences in bath bombs were.

After some experimentation, I had both my niece and my son’s girlfriend try out what I came up with. They both really enjoyed them and my niece said they moisturize very well. Both ladies said they really enjoyed the scent. My son’s girlfriend tried the grapefruit scent and my niece tried the rose lavender scent.

My niece was also kind enough to send me a short video of her dropping a bath bomb into the tub and then recorded it fizzing. The video  may be found at the bottom of this  blog piece.

I wanted my bath bombs to be 100% natural but I also wanted each scent to have its own color. I began to experiment with natural ways to color my bath bombs and I think they turned out very nice! For the grapefruit scent I used turmeric for a yellow color. The rose scent I put in some madder root powder and the color is perfect. For the lavender scent I used a combination of madder root powder and activated charcoal…again, perfect! Activated charcoal is, in fact, a natural nutritional supplement which many use to assist in digestive issues.

I wanted the bath bombs to have a nice moisturizing quality and I used grapeseed oil for this. I have found that grapeseed oil works very well in many of my personal products and cosmetics.

The bath bombs also contain baking soda and citric acid. There are some that are afraid of something containing citric acid due to the word “acid” and the rumors that it is unhealthy for those with breathing problems and immune disorders. I am very picky about what I purchase for my products and I use 99.9% pure citric acid. I have done research to find out what this means exactly but could not find a concrete answer. I will say that although I do not suffer from respiratory problems, I do suffer from an immune disorder. Since I have started making my own natural products, my health has improved, even while using citric acid in some of my products. I have also found that both my bath bombs and toilet bombs have a much better fizz when I include citric acid in them.

And, of course, for the scent, I use essential oils. All the essential oils I use are organic except for the rose. As of yet, I have not found an organic rose essential oil but I am still searching!




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