My Love Of Altar Cloths

I adore altar cloths and I particularly love making them. At the moment, my own personal altar has a crocheted runner on it, which I made. I am trying to come up with the perfect altar cloth for it but have not really decided on what I want on it. I am thinking probably something with the Tree of Life or something centered around Gaia as my altar is all about nature.

At the moment I have one altar cloth for sale in Naturally Ethereal. I think this one is beautiful with an embroidered golden Buddha sitting in a garden. The border consists of embroidered golden ribbons with bows in the corners. The background is a black and red batik type cotton fabric.

I will be creating more altar cloths as I enjoy making them so much. This week I will be coming out with an altar cloth which will have a rainbow mandala with Mendhika corners. I am still in the process of deciding what color and type of fabrics I would like to use for for this one.

Naturally Ethereal is just starting out this week and there are a few items listed for sale so far. Stay tuned for more beautiful unique items and special offers.

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