The Birth Of Naturally Ethereal

Since I was a small child I have loved to create. Whether it be writing, sketching, using chalk pastels or paint, sewing, crocheting or any type of craft, I was into it.

As I became older, my sister began to encourage me to sell my wares. I dragged my feet on this for many years due to circumstances and lack of confidence. My sister had opened an Etsy shop and when the time was appropriate, she helped me open mine.

When my Spiritual Awakening began to accelerate after my oldest son took his life, I began a blog about Spirituality and Spirit Communication in conjunction with my son. I began this blog to help others with their Spiritual path and be more open to Spirit. There are blog posts which I have written about my life and my Spiritual experiences and there are blog posts which my son has written through use of my body. There are also guest posts from other Spirits who do the same. Our blog is called Ethereal Happenings, which is located at The blog is one of the catalysts for Naturally Ethereal.

As I walked further along my Spiritual path, I realized that it was time to make changes to my handmade business. First, I realized that I needed to streamline my business and make it more focused. I changed quite a bit along my Spiritual journey and I knew I needed to recreate my business to reflect who I am now and not who I used to be. Secondly, I knew it was time to go out on my own and have my own website.

Everything about my life now is about Spirituality, nature and improving the environment. Since I had begun making all of my own personal and cleaning products in order to improve my health and the environment, I thought encouraging others to do the same would be the best thing for my business. In the blog on this site I will be discussing this topic and I will be selling these products for those who want to use natural, homemade products but do not care to make them themselves or who just do not have the time to do so.

The atmosphere and decor of my home, which is my sanctuary, is becoming more and more Spiritual. I have also decided to share this with others and sell the home decor products that I make.

I feel that since we were Spirits long before we ever incarnated, and are even Spirits while incarnated, a natural, Spiritually environment is important to holistic well being.

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