At Naturally Ethereal we believe in holistic living – mind, body and Spirit and that our homes should reflect this in order to sustain holistic well being.

I create decor for the Spiritual home while infusing them with loving vibrational energy. Since everything is made up of energy I want my products to contain the highest vibration there is:  LOVE.

I believe when we surround ourselves with objects representing the Divine and our true selves (our Spirit), we are raising our vibrations and, therefore, raising that of the entire planet.

On a physical level I feel that the use of all natural products is very important. Mother nature has everything needed to sustain ourselves and our homes, without chemicals. As much as is humanly possibly at this point in time, I use natural and organic ingredients.

Thank you for visiting my shop! Feel free to browse around and see what resonates with you!

Michelle Buchheit-Schill